Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Tom and Ed

Tom and Ed are long time clients of mine, this past weekend I was able to take them out for a day of smallies on top. They worked hard, but it paid off for sure. Here are a few pictures from the trip. More to come tomorrow.

Photos from the River

Its finally starting to feel like fall. The smallmouth would agree, they are putting their feed bags on. Just a great weekend with another camping trip mixed in.

Doyle's Day on the Water

Bryan, and a trip this past Friday and killed it. The popper bite is still on.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Smallmouth Food - Top Water

I know Top Water is not a category of smallmouth food, however it is a great way to catch them. Below are some of the best top water bugs I have used for bass over the years. Some of the imitations include: Frogs, Dragonflies, and general Baitfish.

Boogle Bugs have been the ticket this season. All colors and sizes have been working.
Troop's Square Head, a super light weight fly that makes a nasty pop.
Pat Cohen's Divers, another favorite this season. They work great early season or when the water is a bit high and off color.
Mice! everything eats them, so why should it be different with bass?
General Baitfish, early spring and fall the bass really seem to love chasing bait into the shallows

Thursday, September 17, 2015

River Photos - PA Smallmouth Camp Round Two

I was blessed to have the opportunity to take a buddy of mine and his son on a three day, two night camping trip down the river this past weekend. This is the beginning of something we are going to start offering more on next season. But that's besides the fact. We had three amazing days on the water. The first and third day were awesome as far as fishing was concerned and day two was on the tougher side. High winds didn't help much.

Check out all the photos from the trip.

Friday, September 11, 2015

River Photos - Juniata River

A couple days before the rain fishing became very tough. Topped by the holiday weekend boat traffic and low water we found fish to be very spooky. Both days on the river were tough, but everyone kept their heads in the game and made it work. We needed this rain as a restart button. Photos below are from my guide trip Sunday, and a personal day Monday. I took Jack fishing, we popped both days.

Central Pennsylvania is a special place, and I love sharing it with people. Thank You Andy Wagner for sharing all your knowledge with me. Thank You Bryan Doyle for coming along and taking some amazing photos.