Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Living the Dream - Schuylkill Float

I just want to thank everyone who came out this past weekend for our musky country event. And a special thanks to the guys who signed up for Brad's tying class.

It was a real honor to float Brad down the Schuylkill river on Monday, I would say I learned more in 8 hours watching and BSing with Brad, than I could have thought myself the past few years chasing musky. He really is an awesome dude, and an amazing fisherman, we hit the banks, docks, and bridges as hard as we could. No love, "I hate musky" Brad said, as we rowed to the launch, "but damn I love em". All we had was a nice smallmouth and soaked raincoats to show for the day. It was fun none the less, here are some photos from the weekend.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Tully Report - Midges and Caddis Nymphs

Its been a great week on the stream, Fish have been up on midges throwout the day. Some days its slower than others, but we have been doing well with gnats and pop midges. Nymphing has still been the best technique for catching fish. Caddis larva with a small midge behind it, or worm with a midge behind it, bottom line, if you have a midge you will be good.

Steelhead or Rainbow?

Water is getting warmer, I will be looking for caddis any day now.

Featured Fly - Biot Body CDC Post Para Hendro

Yeah say that five times fast. The name pretty much describes the fly to a "t", this is just an awesome looking dry fly and fish love it. I have always been a big fan of the profile of a parachute fly, but not so much a fan of the way they land on the water. So I decided to change the post to CDC and this guy will land post up every time. Change the body color and size, you have any mayfly you want. Change the color to the appropriate spinner color, and yup, you have one of those too. It's a great fly to have in your box.

Hook: TMC 100 sz. 14-16
Dubbing: TCO East Coast - Hendrickson Pink
Biot: Turkey Biot - Hendrickson Pink
Tails: Mayfly Tails 
Hackle: Whiting Grizzly 
Para Post: CDC - Natural & Chart.

Step 1: Make a small dubbing ball at the hook bend. This will help split the tail fibers .

Step 2: Tie in 4 to 6 tail fibers. Then take your thread and split the fibers, making 2 tails.

Step 3: Tie in the Turkey Biot. I like to tie this in, the length of the body, it helps to not break. 

Step 4: Strip 2 CDC feathers, cut the junk off, and tie in. (cdc puffs work too)

Step 5: Thread wrap the post, standing it up.

Step 6: Tie in the hackle. 

Step 7: Wrap the biot forward, keeping the ribs close together.

Step 8: Make 2 wraps of hackle around the post, and tie off.

Step 9: Trim the cdc to the length you like. Whip Finish and cut thread.

 Step 10: Go FISH!!!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Tully Report... And the Little J

Wow it's been a while since I've updated you all on the conditions of the Tully, I'm going to try to have them up more often. Anyway on to it, between Casey, Elizabeth, and I, we have been on the Tully quite a few days the past 2 weeks, fishing has been awesome. Midge fishing has picked up, and pop emergers and Griffith's Gnats on top, zebra midges, ice midges, and just about any other midge pupa under an indicator, and wolly buggers of all sizes and colors, being stripped across the river.

I had a full day trip today, Burt from Texas, and one of his clients Phil from Lancaster, fished with me all day. We had great action on anything midges, and wolly buggers. There were not many fish coming up today, but that's ok, we will take it.

On top of that, I made a trip out to state college yesterday, had to deliver some Simms products to the shop. So what else could I do, but take half the day and fish. I mean the Grannoms were coming off on the little J.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Brad Bohen & Zero2Hero

TCO is excited to announce, Brad Bohen from Musky Country Outfitters will be here April 28th to do a private fly tying class, a Q & A session, and just hang out all day. We will be having the tying class from 10 - 12 on Sunday, the cost is $80.00 limit 8 people.We still have a few spots open, so call the shop 610-678-1899 or email me Jake@tcoflyfishing.com to reserve you spot today!!!

I met Brad a few weeks ago at Mossy Creek, I think after talking to him for 2 hours I learned more about musky fishing than I did, the last 3 years Ive been chasing them. So if you are a die hard, or just interested in these toothy critters come on out! We will have pizza, cold beverages (maybe beer), and showing Zero2Hero on the big screen!