Monday, August 31, 2015

Smallmouth Food - Hellgrammites

Hellgrammites, a nasty bug that smallmouth love. These little guys can draw blood if you get too close, but for some reason smallmouth love them. They are in most warm water rivers, and some cold water creeks. Trout even like them, a high protein diet.

A fly tied by a State College regular and amazing bass fisherman Ron. This fly has taken more smallmouth bass and anyone could count.
Pat Cohen designed the bodies that can be purchased online or at any tco location. This is a dynamite hellgrammite fly patter.
Crittermite Tails are amazing. This little bass fly has been a go to fly since last season for me.
Made with Cohen's hellgrammite bodies, this realistic hellgrammite pattern in deadly under an indicator.
My most rcent experiment. I can not take full credit, I found a fly on instagram that had the same concept, and I combined theirs with my crittermite pattern. A great fly for fast water.

River Photos - Juniata River

A high sun, low clear water day with the boys. It started out slow, but George stuck with it and was rewarded. Fishing on the Juniata is only getting better, and the top water bite is on!

River Photos - Juniata

A days of days. I took the Parenti's out to the Juniata for a day of smallie fishing. We never changed flies, and took every fish on top. I will now show you the photos from the trip.

Monday, August 17, 2015

River Photos - Juniata River

Brought Mike Orr to the J today for his first big water bass trip. It was 101 degrees by noon. There were no clouds in the sky, and the water was low. We saw lots of fish but they all spooked when the boat got close. We messes around with the middle aged bass most of the day, until the near end. We decided to throw poppers in the shade, when Mike hooks into a monster 19" smallies. We fished for a bit more, but he was content, so we rowed out before it got even hotter. Nice Work man!

Beautiful Juniata River Smallmouth on the Fly

Fooled by the Boogle Bug Popper

River Photos - 3 Days on the Schuylkill

The sun was high all three days, and the fishing was tough. My anglers had to work hard for the nice fish they caught. We had a couple first timers for smallmouth on the fly. Its awesome to see everyone's smiles after a great day. Water was cloudy and the sun was high, but the fish were hungry in the shade.

We don't stop till we can't see!

Brick's awesome Schuylkill River Smallmouth Bass

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Smallmouth Food - Sculpin

One of the most common forms of fish food that swims. These are some of my favorites for smallmouth bass.

The Over Easy Sculpin is my favorite sculpin pattern. It looks like it will just swim out of your hand.
The Roaming Sculpin, is a quick tie that I came up with a while ago. It is a bottom crawling bass fly that drops fast and stays on the bottom.
The Tube Sculpin is a fly that can cross over from steelhead to smallmouth.
A smaller sculpin tied by Eric Snyder. It works great when the water is low and clear.
Mike Schultz's S3 Sculpin has become a staple in the bass wold. A great fly for any time, and any water conditions.
The Mohawk Sculpin, a design by the boys at Fly Fish Food, but this one was tied by Dean Myers. A great fly with a lot of movement and a great profile.
Not to sure the name of this one, but its a great sculpin, and holds its profile well in the water.
The Combo, its the Mohawk and the Over Easy.

Friday, August 7, 2015

River Photos - Two Days on the Schuylkill

From here on out, I will not be boring you will all the details of my fishing trips. Most of my posts from here on out will just be photos from my trips and adventures, mixed with fly tutorials. If anyone has questions about the details please feel free to stop in the shop or shoot me an email.

Enjoy the photos from my last couple days on the Schuylkill River.