Thursday, August 29, 2013

Another Two Awesome Days

Everything went as planned, thats what I said to myself as I pulled the boat out after the last 2 trips down the river. Great Clients, awesome fish, and perfect water. Matt Grove, a repeat client, and long time TCO customer, had an awesome morning on the river Tuesday. We had smallies on all morning, with a couple solid fish. The double deceiver became Matt's favorite fly, almost every fish regardless of size ate it. On top of that, we had a sick musky follow right to the boat, Ill take it! Way to go Matt!

"0% Chance of rain until 1:00 pm yesterday", thats what I said to myself at 8am, when the rain came down in buckets for 3 hours. Lee another repeat client, and his friend Ralph put their rain coats on and both smiled saying "well beats sitting in the office", I had to smile. It was a slow start with the rain, but poppers kept the action going, until the rain stopped. It was like a light switch, rain stopped, fish started, the conditions were perfect, clear water, zero sun, and zero wind. Lee, had the first smallie, it was only about 6 inches, but it was a smallie, then Ralph took over the show. The olive zuddler minnow, couldn't be stopped, small fish, big fish, and really Big fish, they all ate it. Ralph was the first to get into a monster, 17.5 inches on the rod. Then we were rowing through some fast water, I was trying not to hit rocks, as Lee says "got one", I look up to see the line flying past the boat, once I got out of the fast water, I dropped the anchor, stood up, damn another awesome one! We had fish the rest of the day, lost a couple other big ones, and landed a few other nice ones. Awesome day Lee, and Ralph!

Finally, Clear Water

Well, its been a long summer, waiting for some nice water. With rain coming down by the inch all over the east coast, most bass guys can say the same thing, finally some clear water. We had a tough summer, but we learned a lot, different techniques, different patterns, speed of retrieve. Everything was changing each trip down the river. So finally we have had a nice week with no rain, no high water, and just about perfect conditions. The smallmouth new it too, crayfish, zuddlers, mice, hellgrammites, it all worked. Bigger fish started to eat on the regular, we even had a few musky eats, and lots of follows. Bigger flies have been working as well, Double Deceivers, 6 inch Clousers, big Bunny Leeches. 

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Trout Fishing in the Summer

Well I cant remember the last time I fished the Tully, the water has just been too warm to fish, or I've been out chasing smallies, either way its been a while. I have made one trip up to the delaware in the past month and fished a little brown trout stream only once since I started for bass. This seems to be the norm for me the past few summers. I do love trout, but when I can float a beautiful river, sight fishing for bass, with almost no one around, I do that. But back to the trout, if you have been thinking about trout fishing, many of the State College streams are still in good condition to fish, Spring has been fishing well, the Little J, has had decent fishing, and Penns is low, but its cold. Also the spring creeks down by Harrisburg have been fishing well with terrestrials, and lots of reports from the Yellow Breaches too. So if bass are not your thing and you are chomping at the bit to get our and find some fish, Check the water temps first, but there are still plenty of trout to be had.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Delaware - Add it to the list

There is something relaxing about a beach, a fly rod, and a sleeping bag. Last weekend Casey and I decided to chase a rumor about Redfish in Delaware. The plan was to leave after work, fish till high tide 11:37pm, sleep on the beach, wake up, and fish till high tide again. Well it wasn't long before I heard Casey yell "fish", not a red, but a distant cousin, the croaker. About 10 mins later I had something tugging on my clouser, lost it. We fished until about 1:30am had a beer, then passed out of the beach.

The next morning we woke up, to low tide, and birds squawking. I made some coffee, had a granola bar, and I was in the water, this was going to be it. I could feel it, the reds were going to be busting bait right of the beach. Nope, that didn't happen, but the croakers were happy to eat again, Ill take it. So no Redfish, but ill be back down for sure, it was an awesome experience.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Simms Ambassador

Well its a good day. I have been picked to be a Simms Ambassador. Simms has always been my number one wader choice, as well as the choice of guides worldwide. They make some of the best and most reliable waders, and wading accessories out there today.

 I'm Pumped. Check out my profile on the site. Simms Ambassador

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Featured Fly - Todd's Wiggle Minnow

Here is a fly that has been passed around my saltwater boxes, into my smallmouth boxes. I was given a couple of these years ago, it was always the fly I just "Had" in my box. That is, until Gavin came in and grabbed the materials to tie them last year for smallmouth. A few days later we had a 2 boat trip, and he dominated on this little guy. Fast forward about a year, here I am getting ready for a striper redfish trip with Casey, I need a few popper for breaking fish. So I tied some up, super fast, simple, and fun to color.

Hook: TMC 811S or TMC 8089
Tail: Craft Fur or Frosty Fish Fiber 
Tail Support: 20lb Mono Loop
Body: 3/8" Foam Cylinders - White, Black, Chart.
Eyes: CCG Eyes 

Step 1: Make a mono loop at the bend of the hook.

Step 2: Take a small clump of flash blend out.

Step 3: Tie in a small clump, you want this to be the same color as the bottom of the fly.

Step 4: Tie in another clump of Flash Blend, the color of the top of the fly.

Step 5: Wrap your thread forward, whip finish and cut off.

Step 6:  Take a razor and trip the front of the cylinder, cut about a 45 degree angle.

Step 7: Cut a slit in the center of the bottom.

Step 8: Slide the cylinder over the hook. Super glue it together, forming a slight curve in the body.

Step 9: Glue on the eyes, then take either magic markers or Prisma marker and color.

Finished Fly: