Saturday, July 30, 2011


Joe and I are headed to the Delaware rivet with the TCO family for a weekend of business and fishing

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Monday, July 25, 2011

Schuylkill River Float Trip 7/25

Today I had the pleasure of taking Patrick and Earl down the river. We were very blessed with perfect weather; there was little sun and a slight breeze to keep us cool along with a light but fast shower to keep the heat down for most of the morning.

The fish were just as eager to please as the weather was. Within the first 10 minutes we had 2 Red Eyes to the boat, and missed a really nice Smallmouth. After a good while of hitting the bank with white and chartreuse streamers Patrick landed a nice smallmouth. a few minutes later we had a double on 2 nice smallmouth.

Musky Report: Saw another one today! That's 6 sightings with one to the boat.

The river is shaping up very nicely, the water is a bit low but manageable. The water temperatures are worming up and the fish are getting very aggressive.

Hot Patterns: Zuddler Minnow (White & Olive), Clouser Minnow (Chart./White , and Blue/White) Crystal Bugger (Chart.)

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Tully Report 7/20

With most of our time spent on the river, Joe and I haven't spent much time on the Tully over the past week or so. Looking at the water temp chart slowly climbing to an un-fishable level we decided that we better get out and visit our caddis eating friends.

Getting on the river around 7pm the first thing I did was drop my thermometer, when it said 68 I was relieved. The caddis were flying and the fish were rising, so Joe and I started fishing. The fish were up eating caddis both tan and green, this time of year the caddis start to get a bit smaller in the 22 and 24 range. Most of the fish I watch eat were keyed in on spent caddis or cripples. 7x tippet is a must with fishing pressure high and water levels down.

Here are a few pictures from the stream...

Hot Patterns: CDC Caddis (Tan & Green) sz. 20-22, CDC Flying Ant (Black) sz. 18-20, CDC & Elk (Tan) sz. 18-22

Monday, July 11, 2011

Guiding on the Schuylkill

Today was my first guide trip down the Schuylkill River. My clients Mr. and Mrs. Shaffer, decided to go for a relaxing float with hopes to get into a few nice Smallmouth. We started the float around 7am near Cross Keys Bridge, after having a little help throwing the boat in we started down river towards the sound of running water and fish splashing.

Early morning bass fishing could only call for one pattern the mouse, after only a few cast Dan was on with an over size Red Eye. It wasn't long before we realized it was going to be a great day to float. After about an hr of fishing poppers and mouse patterns we switched to sub surface rigs. The Zuddler minnow proved yet again to be candy for the Smallmouth and Red Eyes.

Between the 2 of them we had fish to the boat all day. We floated for about 4hrs before we stopped for a quick stream side lunch. However with fish rolling in front of us we didn't wait long to get back on the water and back to it. We found a few fish hanging in a nice run coming up for caddis and midges, so instead of changing the rigs we decided to see if that's all they ordered... Nope 4 fish later we realized they were just flat out hungry!

We couldn't have asked for a nicer day to float; the sun was out with a slight breeze to keep us cool.

Hot Patterns: Olive and White Zuddler minnows, Small Poppers, Mouse, & Krystal Bugger 

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Schuylkill Thursdays

Joe and I have made Thursday mornings before work out dedicated float day. For the past 3 weeks we have been floating for smallmouth, carp, catfish, and anything that will eat. Each time we have seen a Musky lurking in the shallows waiting to hammer bait fish coming off the banks. So today I took the 8wt and a few oversized flies...

Check out Joes Blog for more pictures and his Story!

Schuylkill Thursdays

Joe and I are floating the Schuylkill river again before work. Joe is working over a few carp now!

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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Caddis Tuesdays

Joe and I hit the Tully after work yesterday to witness an amazing evening of rising fish.

We each had a few fish to had with many refusals. Caddis flies were all over.

Hot Patterns - CDC Green pop emerger & CDC Tan Caddis sz. 18-22

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