Friday, November 28, 2014

Featured Fly - Poison Tung

This is not one of my creations, in fact it has been around for a very long time, and is many tailwater fisher's favorite winter midge. It is a very simple fly with many different color combinations, with the most popular color combo being, silver and blue. I will be showing you how to tie this fly in my personal favorite color combo, purple and blue. I was going to do a steelhead fly this go around, however I have been fishing the Tully a lot lately, and I have midges on the brain. Look for another steelhead fly to come next, but for now, enjoy this awesome little midge.

Hook: TMC 2457 sz. 18 - 22
Thread: UNI Thread 8/0 - Purple 
Bead: Tungsten Bomb Bead - Black
Rib: Ultra Wire - Small - Blue 
Collar: Ice Dub - UV Purple

Step 1: Make a small thread base behind the bead.

Step 2: Tie in the ultra wire behind the bead, and continue your thread base to the bend of the hook.

Step 3: Tightly wrap the thread forward, finishing the body.

Step 4: Wrap the ultra wire forward, forming an even rib.

Step 5: Make a collar of ice dub right behind the bead. Whip Finish and cut thread away.

Finished Fly:

The Purple Variation
The Original Color Combo

Thursday, November 20, 2014

TCO Team Meeting - Salmon River

It was that time of year again, the whole TCO team got together last weekend for our annual company meeting, this year it was on the Salmon River again. Last year we battled high water the entire time, with higher discharges each night we were there. This year we had a new set of challenges, that revolved around high wind and the threat of multiple feet of snow. The first morning was almost an exact repeat of last year, we had about 4 hours to fish before the meetings began, so we all meet super early. Shane and George Costa had never landed a steelhead, Shane never fishing for them, and George just bad luck. So after a break off and a long battle, George put one in the net! Shane had a similar experience, after a long fight, and a broken hook, he put a little chromer in the net. Its super awesome to get people into this sport, but its even more exciting when you get someone that is into the sport, even more excited about it. So the work, and meetings took place all day Sunday and Monday, but due to the forecast, Tuesdays meetings were canceled. So a select few of us stayed and fished, even though the "RealFeel" was 2, and winds up to 35mph. Shane and Casey each put one in the net that morning, so it was all worth it. Its always a blast fishing with all the guys, and also fishing with the reps, its a time when we can all relax, and just BS on the side of the river. All in all, an awesome few days on the river with the TCO Family! 

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

!!!Save the Tully!!!

The Pennsylvania Fish Commission is proposing to allow bait fishing on Delayed Harvest Artificial Lure Only sections of streams in PA. This change would allow the use of bait throughout the year and would also move the harvest date up to June 1st from June 15th!

As I am sure you are aware, the use of bait and a longer harvest period on the Tully or any other stream that supports holdover/wild trout is simply not good conservation practice!

Please VOTE NOW (to the right) and let the PA Fish Commission know that we want our precious resources preserved for future generations to enjoy... and that we fly fisherman want to see a change to Catch and Release Fly Fishing Only on the Tulpehocken Creek here in Reading, PA.

Remember.. YOU can make a difference! Stand up and let your voice be heard.

 Please take a Moment to Vote Now!!!

Stay Local - Get Out and Explore

 Many times our thoughts about fishing can be over taken by our memories of a destination trip out west, or a trip to the warm flats of Belize. I am guilty of talking trash on my local waters, when thinking about how great the fishing is other places in the US. Well sometimes we have to take a step back and remember the gems that we have in our backyards. Shane and I have been exploring some local streams on the class A list, that are within an hour of the shop, and he have not been disappointed. So next time you are dreaming about your last destination trip, stop, and think about the beauty in our backyards. PA has some of the best fishing in the USA, get out an explore a new stream next time you have some free time!


Thursday, November 13, 2014

Featured Fly - Red Butt Fingerling Midge

That's right the fingerling midge, it seems that the new fingerlings we put in the Tully love this fly. The adults do as well, but the first day we fished it, 4 fingerlings found it appetizing. This is a variation of a smaller midge that a friend gave me. It is very simple, and works great. you can change the look, just by changing the thread color. Check it out.

Hook: TMC 2457 sz. 18-24
Thread: UNI Thread 8/0 - Black, Brown, Olive, Red
Beadhead: Tungsten Bomb Bead - Gold or Copper 
Rib: Ultra Wire - Gold or Copper 
Tail: Krystal Flash - Red
Wing: Krystal Flash - Pearl
Thorax: Peacock Herl - Natural

Step 1: Make a small thread base right behind the bead.

Step 2: Make your thread base to the hook bend, tie in 2 strands of Krystal flash and the ultra wire.

Step 3: Make your thread body, wrapping the thread forward.

Step 4: Trim the red tail to length.

Step 5: Wrap the ultra wire forward. 

Step 6: Tie in 3 strands of krystal flash.

Step 7: Fold the remaining krystal flash back, and tie down.

Step 8: Trim flash to length.

Step 9: Tie in 1 peacock herl. 

Step 10: Wrap the peacock forward. Tie off and whip finish. 

Finished Fly: