Friday, May 29, 2015

Featured Fly: Ice Bubble Sulphur Nymph

This is a variation of a fly I found in Montana a few years back. It has worked well for me all over the east coast. I was using it this past weekend on the Little J, and the fish couldn't resist. So here you go.

Hook: Orvis Tactical Czech Hook 14-16 TMC 2457 14-18
Thread: UNI Thread 6/0 - Camel
Bead: Tungsten to match Hook 
Rib 1: Ultra Wire - Small - Copper
Rib 2: Pearl Tinsel - Opal 
Tail: CDL Feather
Body: Turkey Tail - Natural 
Thorax: SLF Dubbing - Nymph Thorax 
Bubble: Ice Dub - Yellow or UV Yellow 
Legs: Partridge Feather - Natural 

Step 1: Make a small thread base behind the bead.

Step 2: Finish making your thread base, while tying in you two ribbing materials.

Step 3: Tie in 10 CDL fibers to make the tail. Move the thread forward to right behind the bead.

Step 4: Tie in four turkey tail fibers, and wrap back towards the tail.

Step 5: Move the thread three quarters of the way to the bead.

Step 6: Wrap the turkey forward.

Step 7: Wrap the two ribbing materials forward.

Step 8: Dub half of the thorax.

Step 9: Make a small dubbing ball around the thread.

Step 10: Make a loose loop and place the dubbing ball on top the fly, then pull tight

Step 11: Dub the rest of the thorax.

Step 12: Take a partridge feather and tie in making legs.

Step 13: Add a little more dubbing, then whip finish and cut off.

Finished Fly:

Sunday, May 24, 2015

For Sale - Outcast PAC 1400

I am selling my Outcast PAC 1400 with a trailer. This boat is as indestructible as they come, it has been my primary guide boat for the last four years. It was been on many of the rivers of PA including, The Schuylkill River, Lehigh River, and the Juanita River. It was also my main boat for guiding on the Salmon River in NY. I have made a few modifications over the years to make it a bit more fishing friendly. I am asking $3,200.00 OBO for the boat. 

Included in Purchase:
- Trailer 
- Spare Tire 
- Oars
- Anchor Rope
- Diamond Plate cooler storage behind rear seat
- Rowers floor 
- Rod Holders 
- Rubber Traction Pads on the sides of the raft 

Not Included in Purchase:
- Anchor 

Check out the photos below, and email me if interested:  

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Central to Eastern PA

The fishing has been on fire the past couple weeks. Once the caddis started the sulphurs weren't far behind them. We are getting reports of march browns, and yesterday I was flipping rocks on the Little J and all the march brown nymphs looked ready to pop.The changing weather and rain over the past few days has really slowed the hatches up a bit, so the dry fly fishing has been a bit slow. However nymphing with sulphur and march brown nymphs has been very productive.

I have found that the best approach to fishing the Tully this past week has been a dry dropper rig. Fish are rising pretty much all day long, but most of the surface activity in the mornings isn't really surface activity. The trout are breaking the surface, however they are not eating dries. They are chasing emerging caddis to the surface. I fish a dry caddis with a pupa and or larva under it, this has been working well for me. If you are heading out in the evening, take your sulphur box with you. Moose was out last night and send they were everyhwere.