Thursday, September 22, 2016

Featured Fly - El Crawcito Variation

I can not take credit for any of this fly. It was designed buy the guys over at Fly Fish Food. It has become a staple in my fly box this year. I would say it is the best crayfish pattern out there today. I did a couple very minor variations of materials to make it better fish our water, but if it isn't broke, don't fix it. I just love this pattern. Hope you all enjoy!

Partridge Universal Predator sz. 1
Eyes: Presentation Eyes - Med - Black
Thread: 6/0 UNI Thread - Olive
Antena: Barred Sili Legs - Nymph - Pumpkin
Flash: Senyos Predator Wrap
Hot Spot: EP Tarantula Brush - Orange
Claws: Barred Rabbit Zonkers - Olive
Eyes:  Mono Eyes - Black
Collar: Palmer Chenille - Med - Brown
Body: Arizona Semi Seal - Olive or Brown
Legs: Barred Sili Legs - Olive or Brown

Step 1: Tie in your lead eyes, leaving a small gap between the hook eye and lead eyes.
Step 2: Angle the hook downward in the vice and make a thread base.
Step 3: Tie in nymph size rubber legs.
Step 4: Tie in a small clump of Senyos Predator wrap.
Step 5: Tie in EP Tarantula Brush, wrap it 3 times. 
Step 6: Tie in a small piece of rabbit zonker on each side of the hook.

Step 7: Bend the mono Eyes and tie in right in front of the rabbit.

Step 8: Make 3 wraps of palmer chenille. 
Step 9: Make a dubbing loop with the semi seal and wrap it forward leaving a small space behind the eyes. 
Step 10: Tie in 8 rubber legs they should be just barely touching the hook point.
Step 11: Make another dubbing loop and finish off the fly.
Step 12: Brush out the dubbing and whip finish. 
Finished Fly
The El Crawcito Variation - a great smallmouth bass fly!

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Brew N Bugs - Boiling Springs

Many of you have asked about it, so here are the dates. We started Brew N Bugs at the new spot in August, and we will be continuing them through the winter. Five dollars gets you in the door starting at 6pm every other Thursday. All materials an beer are included, all you need is your vice, tools, and a few spools of thread (Black, Brown, Tan).

Please stop in and hang out, the shop stays open until everyone leaves. We will be offering a discount of 10% off of your purchase each night.

September 29th - Spring Creek Bug
October 13th - Fall Trout Streamers 
October 27th - Steelhead/Salmon Streamers
November 10th - Steelhead Nymphs 
November 24th - Thanksgiving - No Bugs 
December 8th - Steelhead Stoneflies 
December 22nd - Winter Stoneflies - Trout
January 5th - Winter Midges 
January 19th - Winter Trout Flies 

Friday, September 9, 2016

First Days of September

Bass fishing is still awesome despite the low water. We are really hoping for more rain soon. The topwater bite has been amazing yet again, but the sight fishing crayfish is unreal. We are still booking trips into October, with this heat we should have great water temps until at least mid October. Photos below: