Friday, March 16, 2018

Time to Hit the Reset Button

I was sitting on the drift boat last week with Andy and Austen, we were about to partake in our first smallmouth trip of the season. We had the deck stacked against us with high water, winter water temps, and 30mph winds, but we didn't care. It wasn't long after fishing the first hole with tubes, live minnows, and of course flies, that we realized it wasn't summer yet.

So with no fish at this point, we were all just talking about life and other random thoughts, when Andy started giving me crap about not writing my blog anymore. I responded with a few excuses about life, lack of time, and no motivation. That's when I decided to make a bet with Andy, "if we catch fish today, I'll blog about it".
Andy said "deal", Austen just kept fishing, and I picked up the fly rod and went to work.

They managed to get fish on tubes sporadically through the day, but I was hard headed and stuck with the fly rod and spent most of the day fishless. About 10 mins before we called it because of wind and lack of all around comfort, we slid down into an eddy where the water was all but motionless and I finally went tight to a solid smallmouth...

So Andy won, and here is my blog post.


Monday, July 17, 2017

Water Connectivity - Bass'n

Well, not totally sure where the month of June went but here we are in the middle of July. Fishing has been great when the water and rain have cooperated with us. June was a great month for both bass and trout, however we did have to get a little creative with some of the high flows. This pushed us to put drift boats in places they shouldn't and use all our time spent of the water to our advantage. July can be a fickle month with weather as well, and we have been battling high water most of the month. With August right around the corner, I'm hoping to see more consistent water levels and some clear water. I know in September I'll be complaining about low water, but such is life.