Thursday, June 28, 2018

From Board shorts to Parkas

Sorry to have missed the month of May. The spring smallmouth season was incredible, we floated a couple new rivers and did a lot of exploring. As many of you noticed we had one wild spring in regards to the weather, smallmouth fishing in whiteout blizzards was a new one for me. I'm so used to board shorts and flip flops, things just felt off when I had to wear a down jacket and rubber boots. But the smallmouth didn't seem to mind, for the most part. Drastic weather changes can turn the bass off, but do they every truly stop feeding? One of my favorite parts of spring bass fishing is the size of flies we get to fish for them, four to six inch articulated streamers that are fished only on intermediate lines, so it is very visual and you watch almost every fish eat. Kinda like fishing a popper but only more vicious. However we didn't leave the poppers in the box all spring, once we really started to see the bass chasing the streamers a significant distance, the baitfish imitation poppers came out. I wont lie, there were definitely a few "trout sets" that took place, we managed to shake that and put some super nice fish in the boat.

Bass season is now open and the water is shaping up to a nice level, its about time to bring the hard boat out and hit the big water! I cant wait.