Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Video - DP Midge

Last year I tried to put up 7 post a month, in doing so some of the post were just filler and weren't the quality that I would have liked. This year I am going to try for at least 3 a month and make them  of higher quality. Im sure during the season I will do more with fishing reports, and stream photos. My goal is to give you a Gear Review, Fishing Photos, and a Video each month. I will do my best. Last post was Fishing Photos, and the Gear Review, now the video.

This is a fly that a good friend of mine showed me a long time ago, and it has been my number one midge fly for the past couple years. I did a featured fly on it a while back, and decided that this would be a great on to add to the "silent" film collection. Enjoy 

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Big Spring: First Guide Trip to 30th Birthday

As many of you know, there is a special spot in my heart for Big Spring. I love all PA spring creeks for many reasons, from their stories and their challenging techniques. I did my first trip of 2016 on Big Spring and it was great success. I took long time client Mike Orr out there so he could challenge his fly fishing skills. After a few little guys we got into multiple large ones, we only landed one, but he loved the visual eats and the stealthy approach. Then where else would anyone want to celebrate their 30th birthday than the spring creeks in cumberland county. Rob, Jack and I spent the morning on Big Spring, but it got a bit crowded in the afternoon. So we headed over to the Letort for the afternoon. Big Spring was on fire for us, and it seemed they wanted nothing but sow bugs. The Letort was a different story, but all I really wanted was to see a large "dinosaur" brown trout. After a short walk, there he was. I even hooked him, but he was smarter than I and got off. It was just awesome.

SYE Sow Bug  

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Central PA Trout

There is nothing like planning a day trip to central PA with a couple good friends and knowing the temps will not break out of the 20s all day. Oh well when the water is perfect and the fish are hungry you seem to forget all about your frozen hands and guides. Anytime I can get out on a system where the trout love big golden stone nymphs, ill be there regardless of temps. Kyle, Bryan, Rob and I hit the creek at about 10 am and the air temps were barely out out of the teens. But the fish didn't seem to care, they were hungry and wanted to eat anything big.

The Triple Stack Sculpin