Tuesday, June 7, 2011

TCO Trout Bums

Joe and I headed up to the West branch of the Delaware River Sunday morning to meet Steve from the Bryn Mawr store to fish for 2 days. It wasn't long until meeting up with Steve before he informed us that he had just released his best trout ever; a solid brown. That was the start of my best day of fishing on the Delaware River.

It was a slow start for me, missing my first 2 fish; but with a little more luck and much perseverance I managed 2 nice browns. Joe headed up a small back channel and found a smaller Rainbow feeding on emergers, around the same time Steve was fishing over a few fish on the main river and managed a very acrobatic Delaware Rainbow as well.

We decided to head up river a ways to find more fish, were Joe found 2 nice Browns feeding along the bank in a side riffle. Around that time Henry showed up after working the morning in the shop. Steve hooked an awesome male that took him for a ride down river; and with help landed it in the slack water about 75 yrds down stream. I got my long awaited wish, landing 2 very nice Rainbows!

With the bug life plentiful the fish were readily rising to them, they were eager to eat a well placed fly. With Green Drakes, March Browns, Olives, and Sulphurs all coming off, the fish had their eyes on the Sulphurs. During the early afternoon and into the evening emergers and duns did the trick. Later in the evening there was a pretty solid spinner fall with fish feeding well after we could see our flies.

As the night went on we managed a few more fish. Fishing until we could no longer see; we put our headlamps on and headed for the cars.

Monday was a much slower day with only one fish landed until about 7pm that night. I hooked a really nice fish and as it jumped about 6ft out of the water my line went slack; I had to take a break after that.

Monday we had the whole crew up there, Henry, Steve, Joe, Lenny and myself. Around 7 Joe and I split, looking for a new spot to fish, we found a few fish rising up stream and we managed 2 smaller fish before calling it and heading home. The other guys hung out and were rewarded with a few nice fish before the headlamps went on. Lenny being his first time on the Delaware managed to land a solid fish after a long hard day. Way to go Buddy!

Hot Flies: CDC Sulphur Pop Emerger, CDC Sulphur Dun, Parachute Sulphur spinner, Hot Butt Sulphur spinner, Dark Tan CDC Caddis sz. 14, CDC & Elk Caddis, and CDC Grey Caddis sz. 14

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