Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Tully Report

Last week marked the first two consecutive days of decent winter fishing on the Tully. Casey and I, fished the end of the week, having Leland and Kyle tag along as well. The first day the fishing was still a bit slow, but Casey managed a really nice healthy brown. Day two was a little better with a solid rainbow coming to hand minutes after getting on the stream. We hand a few more fish that day, all healthy Fat rainbows. Just about the time we started to head back to the cars, fish started working on top, Casey had a few fish working in front of him, while up by Kyle and I we had many fish coming up, but with no pattern to them. I wish we could have stayed around for another hour or so, maybe tomorrow.

Hot Flies: Hot Head Prince Nymph, Hot head PT, Zebra Midge, Glass Biot Midge

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