Monday, February 10, 2014

Big Spring 20 Plus

Jack and I were looking forward to fishing Big Spring all this past week.  After confirming a “no snow” forecast – at least for the morning – we were off on an adventure.

At 7:15AM, Jack and I pulled into Park Place diner – no need to look at the menu - we reflexively ordered black coffee and ‘Lumber Jack breakfast’ - a tradition that started with our first trip to Big Spring earlier this year.

Filled with our diner breakfast, we pulled up to Big Spring and I could tell it was going to be a good day – there wasn’t a person in sight.  The creek always seems to start slow; it takes some time to get into the groove.  After missing two fish due to my own fault, I finally landed a small rainbow.  Time moved on, saw some lunkers but no hookups.

Finally reaching one of my favorite holes filled with big boys, I could see that they were still there.  I changed flies, crawled on the ground and after countless drifts – one ate.  After two jumps, a couple nice runs, the fly popped out.  Disappointed, I looked back at the hole and thankfully the rest of the fish were still there.  Rewind and replay.  A few casts later, I had another crazy fight on my hands that ended in Jack netting an awesome male rainbow for me! 

Later I was fishing a run without any luck catching two nice fish. I was fishing a dry dropper rig but it wasn’t getting deep enough.  Jack was fishing an indicator rig so he came over and gave the same run a try.  I soon heard “JAKE, it’s a good one!”  I ran up and netted Jack’s 20inch fish – Jack was smiling ear to ear.

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