Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Local Fishing - Tully

A lot of my personal fishing has been out in State College the past couple weeks. However all of my guiding and quick trips before work have been on the Tully. It has finally become the trout stream we all remember from years past. Caddis are all over, and reports of trout eating emergers and adults are coming in the shop all day long. Sulphurs have been on for a few days, with fishable numbers on the lower creek, Reber's Bridge down to the Road to Nowhere, have had fish up on top the past few nights. Z-Wing Caddis are still my favorite pattern to us this time of year. Parachute Sulphurs are the first fly I would put on, when chasing rising trout with sulphurs in the air.

Hot Flies: CDC Caddis, Para Sulphur, Z-Wing Caddis, CDC Soft Hackle Caddis & X Caddis


  1. Beautiful fish, the caddis hatch is so much fun to fish. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Jake,
    I am really jeleous, have not been able to get out. Very Pretty Work!!