Friday, November 7, 2014

Salmon River - Maiden Voyage

This weekend marked the first trip for my new ride. The boat or raft, whatever you want to call it, performed perfectly. The Salmon River was the destination of choice, and a good choice it was. I took Jack and Rob, both had never caught a steelhead on the salmon, and Rob was going for his first ever. The river was a little crowded at the top, but once you got away from the crowds it was quite relaxing, and the fish were around and eating. Day one was a little slow, Jack and Rob each hooked 1 and lost them, and I got 2. The second day we left the boat on the trailer, and headed for the DSR, hoping the crowds would be less, and the fish would be fresh. Rob lost 2 and Jack went 1 for 2. Sucker spawn was the ticket, stoneflies and caddis larva were used, but they seemed to enjoy blue and chartreuse sucker spawn. It felt good to be back on the water, and it felt even better, fishing out of my new toy (or investment). Weather is starting to feel more and more like winter, headed up again this weekend, to fish a couple repeat clients!

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