Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Featured Fly - Double Squirrel Nymph

I will start this feature fly off by apologizing for not doing one for a long time. I was camera and computer less for a while, but I'm back up and running. This is a very basic nymph, but it has been working well for me. Tied from size 16 up to size 10, it works well for an anchor fly or just a general attractor. 

Hook: Orvis Tactical Hook - Wide Gape - 16-10
Bead: Tungsten Bomb Bead - Copper or Black 
Thread:  Ultra Thread 170 - Fl. Orange 
Rib: Mirage Tinsel - Opal - Sm. or Med. 
Tail: CDL Fibers - Dark
Body: SLF Squirrel Dub - Fox Squirrel 
Collar: SLF Squirrel Dub - Drk. Brown 

Step 1: Slide the proper sized bead on the hook.
Step 2: Make a solid thread base, tying in your ribbing as you move towards the hook bend.
Step 3: Tie in your CDL tail, making a few extra wraps of thread to form a Hot Butt.
Step 4: Making tight wraps, dub the body, leaving a small space open behind the bead.
Step 5: Taking the ribbing under the tail towards the backside of the fly, make your forward ribs.
Step 6: Dub the collar with Drk. Brown squirrel.
Step 7: While doing your whip finish, make a small "hot" collar with the orange thread.
Finished Fly: Double Squirrel Nymph 

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