Sunday, March 13, 2016

New Store Mixed with Some Fishing

I have to say that this hour and fifteen minute drive to and from work doesn't add much to my fishing time. However having so many great systems so close to the shop, I have managed to get out for a hour or so a couple times a week. The new shop is up and running with new product coming in every week. We have been welcomed with open arms by most, and we are very excited to be in this new location.

The fishing is only going to get better from here, the water is coming down all over and starting to really clear up. We are starting to see some little black stones, and on cloudy days some Olives. Nymphing is still the most productive way to fish this time of year, walts worms, zebra midges, caddis larva, and pheasant tails are what most people are using.

The spring creeks are fishing well, not too much surface activity just yet. Fish are eating scuds and sow bugs like its their job.

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