Thursday, September 22, 2016

Featured Fly - El Crawcito Variation

I can not take credit for any of this fly. It was designed buy the guys over at Fly Fish Food. It has become a staple in my fly box this year. I would say it is the best crayfish pattern out there today. I did a couple very minor variations of materials to make it better fish our water, but if it isn't broke, don't fix it. I just love this pattern. Hope you all enjoy!

Partridge Universal Predator sz. 1
Eyes: Presentation Eyes - Med - Black
Thread: 6/0 UNI Thread - Olive
Antena: Barred Sili Legs - Nymph - Pumpkin
Flash: Senyos Predator Wrap
Hot Spot: EP Tarantula Brush - Orange
Claws: Barred Rabbit Zonkers - Olive
Eyes:  Mono Eyes - Black
Collar: Palmer Chenille - Med - Brown
Body: Arizona Semi Seal - Olive or Brown
Legs: Barred Sili Legs - Olive or Brown

Step 1: Tie in your lead eyes, leaving a small gap between the hook eye and lead eyes.
Step 2: Angle the hook downward in the vice and make a thread base.
Step 3: Tie in nymph size rubber legs.
Step 4: Tie in a small clump of Senyos Predator wrap.
Step 5: Tie in EP Tarantula Brush, wrap it 3 times. 
Step 6: Tie in a small piece of rabbit zonker on each side of the hook.

Step 7: Bend the mono Eyes and tie in right in front of the rabbit.

Step 8: Make 3 wraps of palmer chenille. 
Step 9: Make a dubbing loop with the semi seal and wrap it forward leaving a small space behind the eyes. 
Step 10: Tie in 8 rubber legs they should be just barely touching the hook point.
Step 11: Make another dubbing loop and finish off the fly.
Step 12: Brush out the dubbing and whip finish. 
Finished Fly
The El Crawcito Variation - a great smallmouth bass fly!

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