Sunday, October 30, 2016

Fish and Flies - from the Great Lakes

Here are some photos of my last trip to New York with a very special client and friend. Matt Grove and I decided to bag a smallmouth camping trip to try our hand at intercepting a few large browns on their run up the rivers from the lake. Over a simple breakfast conversation and some insight from a few locals we made the decision to head to a smaller creek instead of one of the big name creeks. We had 2 days that we will never forget, Matt got his first steelhead, and largest brown trout on a fly. We had fish working and moving the whole time, we managed to get multiple steelhead, lots of browns, and a few very large salmon. It was a trip that will be hard to repeat, but worth trying to every year :)

Now for the good stuff, here are a few new and or variations of some flies that I have been woking on.

Squirrely Stone, a new fly that has worked wonders in the great lakes so far this year.
Egg in the Basket Sculpin, new twists and tweaks to an old staple.

Sculpin Fly Pattern. A great way to fool some steelhead!

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