Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Forgotten Post - Final Smallmouth Float

Through my thoughts and travels of great lakes steelhead, I have forgotten to post about an epic season ending trip for smallmouth bass. Andy and I decided a few weeks ago to take the clacka for one more float before putting her to bed for the winter. We had made the decision that if it was our last float we should do an exploratory float of a section of the Juniata that neither of us had floated before. The float quickly became my favorite with some fast and technical water and some amazing smallmouth. We never changed flies, all we fished was a white Roamer that was about 5 inches long. We put about 6-8 fish in the boat with at least that many more eats that we never connected with. That was until the end of the float, about 100 yards from the take out when I got crushed by an amazing 19 inch smallie and then Andy a few minutes later popped a 20 incher. Needless to say we reeled up and floated to the launch with large smiles on our faces and satisfied with our smallmouth season.

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