Monday, March 13, 2017

Stoneflies and Bobbers - Orvis Recon 1003-4

Weather forecast started off saying it would be a pleasant but cold day on the water. This would mean not much wind and a bit of sun to warm us up in the below freezing temps. By the time Steve, Mike, and I had the boat in the water and we were all geared up, I couldn't feel my fingers and the wind was blowing around 20mph. Hey thats winter fishing though, we were floating the Lehigh on a section new to me, but Steve had floated it a few times, and decided best thing to do was float some stoneflies under bobbers, I mean what trout doesn't enjoy some golden stones at sub zero temps? We fished all day, managed 1 trout, and lost about a dozen flies. I think the chicken salad wraps and beer for lunch, saved the day, but hey we all could have been sitting inside doing nothing (by a fire), that just seems boring to me.

It was nice however, to test out the new Orvis Recon 1003 nymphing rod. It threw double stones and an indicator with no trouble. Very light to hand, and has unbelievable feel to it, the finalized design with the fighting butt made it very comfortable to fish all day long. It has a very soft tip, but when needed it has the torque to really put the hammer down on some bigger sized trout. A great rod for the money and might be my new favorite Czech nymphing stick.

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