Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Tully Report 7/20

With most of our time spent on the river, Joe and I haven't spent much time on the Tully over the past week or so. Looking at the water temp chart slowly climbing to an un-fishable level we decided that we better get out and visit our caddis eating friends.

Getting on the river around 7pm the first thing I did was drop my thermometer, when it said 68 I was relieved. The caddis were flying and the fish were rising, so Joe and I started fishing. The fish were up eating caddis both tan and green, this time of year the caddis start to get a bit smaller in the 22 and 24 range. Most of the fish I watch eat were keyed in on spent caddis or cripples. 7x tippet is a must with fishing pressure high and water levels down.

Here are a few pictures from the stream...

Hot Patterns: CDC Caddis (Tan & Green) sz. 20-22, CDC Flying Ant (Black) sz. 18-20, CDC & Elk (Tan) sz. 18-22

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