Monday, July 25, 2011

Schuylkill River Float Trip 7/25

Today I had the pleasure of taking Patrick and Earl down the river. We were very blessed with perfect weather; there was little sun and a slight breeze to keep us cool along with a light but fast shower to keep the heat down for most of the morning.

The fish were just as eager to please as the weather was. Within the first 10 minutes we had 2 Red Eyes to the boat, and missed a really nice Smallmouth. After a good while of hitting the bank with white and chartreuse streamers Patrick landed a nice smallmouth. a few minutes later we had a double on 2 nice smallmouth.

Musky Report: Saw another one today! That's 6 sightings with one to the boat.

The river is shaping up very nicely, the water is a bit low but manageable. The water temperatures are worming up and the fish are getting very aggressive.

Hot Patterns: Zuddler Minnow (White & Olive), Clouser Minnow (Chart./White , and Blue/White) Crystal Bugger (Chart.)

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