Sunday, September 25, 2011

Hot Spots and High Water

I decided it was time to go visit the Tully after the big flood. Of course I had to take my fly rod along with me just in case. The water has been leveled out at 350cfs for a few days now, however the water is still cloudy from the lake being very muddy, and run off from recent rain.

Some spots look untouched from the high water, others have changed a lot. The Road to No Where has been widened by about 3 feet, it also appears much deeper towards the head of the run. Rebers Bridge still looks pretty good, not much changed there. Water Works is still a bit high to wade, flow looks good up there. The Paper Mill looks good, due to crowds I decided not to stop and fish there.

I decided with high and off color water to go with a Hot Spot rig today, just to give them something extra to look at. I fished below the Paper Mill down to the Road to no Where, the water was fast and deep. Two number 4 split shot along with tungsten weighted flies were a must. After I got done there I decided to check out Rebers Bridge before calling it a day.

Anyway I did manage to land a couple nice rainbows. Enjoy!

Reminder: The water is moving very fast and with cloudy water it can be difficult to wade. Be Safe

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