Thursday, December 22, 2011

Feature Fly - Psycho Pince

This weeks featured fly is Mike Mercer's Psycho Prince nymph. This is a great pattern for both Great Lakes Steelhead, and trout. With all is flash it works well as a anchor fly, or just a solo nymph for picky fish. I tie this fly from size 18 up to a 10.

Psycho Prince Nymph

Hook: TMC 3761 sz. 18 – 10
Thread: Uni Thread 6/0 – Purple, Pink, Black
Bead: Cyclops Beads or Tungsten
Tail: Goose Biots – Brown
Body: Ice Dub – Purple, Pink, Peacock
Rib: Ultra Wire – sized to match hook
Back: Turkey Tail or Pheasant Tail
Legs: Goose Biots – White
Wing: Ice Dub – Yellow
Collar: Ice Dub – Contrasting color to body
Step 1: Flip hook over and slide Gold bead up to the hook eye.
Step 2: Add a small dubbing ball at the top of the hook bend. Tie in the brown goose biots in front of dubbing ball, wrapping the thread towards the ball as the biots flair out.

Step 3: Move the thread to behind the bead, Tie in the Ultra wire and turkey tail fibers. (wrap thread back to the dubbing ball and brown biot tail.
Step 4: Dub the body with ice dub, tapering a thicker body the closer you get to the bead.
Step 5: Fold the Turkey fibers over the body.
Step 6: Wrap the wire towards the bead making a rib.
Step 7: Tie in the white goose biots on either side of the fly. 
Step 8: Take a clump of Ice Dub and make a wing. Trim the fiber leaving about 1/4" for the wing.
Step 9: Dub a collar with Ice Dub - either same as body or a contrasting color. Whip Finish 

Step 10: Go Fish!!!
Here are a couple fish that fell to the Psycho!


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