Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Salmon River 12/12

Joey and I decided to head up to the Salmon River Monday to meet up with Chris from the Bryn Mawr store and his long-time fishing buddy Shane. We met at Whitaker's around 8am and headed down to the DSR (Douglaston Salmon Run), in the hopes of finding a few fresh fish.

Once geared up we headed to the river. The water was low, so fluorocarbon was a must. The river wasn't crowded and it was nice to have a long stretch of river to ourselves. Joe and Chris headed up stream while Shane and I headed down. After fishing all morning, Shane and I made our way up river to meet up with the other guys for lunch. We all managed to hook at least one fish before lunch.

After a nice lunch and a cold beer, it was back down river till the sun went down. We fished all afternoon without a bite--I spent over an hour skating flies in the slow water hoping and wishing to see just one nose come up. Then, right as the sun went below the trees, the fish got hungry and for the next hour the bite was on! We were joined by Rob from Whitaker's for the last few minutes of the day; he had to show us how it was done with a center pin rod... 5 cast and a fish!

Here are a few pictures from the trip:

HOT Flies: Sucker Spawn (Pink, Blue, Fl. Chart.), Roe Egg, Egg Stealing Sculpin, and Thumpin Jack Flash Stonefly (Fl. Chart.)