Thursday, January 12, 2012

Featured Fly - Egg Sucking Leech

The Egg Sucking Leech fly comes in all shapes and sizes. This is one of my favorite flies to fish for Steelhead and Browns. It is also a great pattern for fishing just about any Alaskan stream. With warm water temps, and spring rapidly approaching, this is a great fly to swing or dead drift under an indicator for aggressive fish.


Hook: Fish Skull Articulated Shake 35mm or TMC 300
Thread: UNI Thread 6/0 - Black or Red 
Tail: Marabou - Black or Purple
Flash: Holo. Flashabou - Black or Purple
Body: Ice Dub - Black or Purple
Body 2: Rooster Saddle Feather - Black or Purple
Collar (optional): Senyo's Shaggy Dub - Black or Purple
Head: Ultra Chenille - Med. - Red, Pink, or Fl. Orange

Step 1: Take the hook and slid it onto the back loop of the shank.

Step 2: Lay a base of thread sealing the gap of the back look. Tie in the Marabou so the hook is covered.

Step 3: Tie in the Rooster saddle feather.
Step 4: Dub the body, leaving about 2 hook eye length with no material.

Step 5: Tie in the Holo. Flash at the front of the hook. 

Step 6: Holding the flash tight, wrap the saddle feather once around at the start of the marabou. This will secure the flash. Palmer the feather through the Ice Dub. Once at the front of the fly warp 1 or 2 extra times making a collar.

 Step 7: Center tie a clump of Shaggy Dub; One on the stop and one on the bottom. This will add movement.

Step 8: Wrap the Chenille around 2 or 3 times depending on how big you want the egg. 

Step 9: Whip finish


2 fish that fell to the egg sucking leech.

Jesse with a beautiful Alaskan Rainbow.

Joey was dead drifting an egg sucking leech this fall when this monster ate.

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