Saturday, January 7, 2012

A Long Time Coming

Joey and I headed to the Tully this morning to try our hand at a few fish before work. We had a pretty good morning considering the conditions being less than ideal. We started fishing around 8:15, hoping to give the water a short while to warm up. It was slow going until the sun crept over the trees, warming the water just enough. We each had a few fish bringing one trout each to hand. Then Joey got stuck on the bottom... or did he?

Joey has been in persut of a golden Bonefish or as most call them a Carp for some time now. He spent countless hours on the Schuylkill this summer frustrated and confused on why these fish were so tough to get to eat a fly. After tying like hell to un-snag his fly from the bottom, yanking, and pulling it; he realized that his fly line was moving upstream. Carp On!!!

Hot Flies: Sugar Daddy, San Juan Worm, Black Midge

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