Monday, February 6, 2012

Big Spring in February

If you know me personally or have ever heard me talk about fly fishing, you know that I have a slight obsession with Rainbow trout. Finding out that Big Spring is full of wild rainbows, ranging from 2" to somewhere over 25", was music to my ears. Today was the third time that I have fished it this winter, every-time finding out more and more about the stream and the very picky fish that live there.

Leland and I headed down today; seeing that the temps were going to be in the upper 40s was all we needed. We fished all day. We had  most of the stream to ourselves until around 3, then we headed up stream away from pressure and fished until dark. We each landed a good number of fish, all rainbows except for  2 brook trout (a great surprise). The weather was perfect, the bugs were active, and so were the fish! All in all a good day.

Leland working over a few fish
A nice fat and healthy one
Leland's first
The Sugar Shot right where it should be
They come in all sizes, but all are beautiful
Leland's first fish fooled by his own fly
His first Brook Trout

Mine was a bit smaller

And Finally, one of the larger fish ate what I offered it
The Spring Creek collection

Hot Flies: Sugar Shot, San Juan Worm, Pheasant Tail, Zebra Midge, Scuds

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