Tuesday, February 28, 2012

3 Days of Fishing

This weekend marks 4 out of 10 states for 2012. I went down to Maryland for the weekend. With all of the "big" game fish out in deep water or up river spawning, we had to turn our attention to one on the only species around this time of year. Yellow Perch make their way up-river between February and March to spawn, so fishing the mouth of creeks with minnows and chartreuse jigs has always been the method to success. Instead of minnows and 6ft light spin rods, I had an Olive Zuddler minnow and 5 weight fly rod.

Over 15" Yellow Perch

 Hot Fly: Olive Zuddler

After a nice weekend in MD, Chris and I decided to take out the eight weights and try our hand at a few winter Musky. The good news is we found one, but the bad news is he didn't eat. If you have ever gone Musky fishing you know that often times this is the case, however we still fish relentlessly for these apex predators. Most of the time it is the anticipation of the take that keeps us fishing for these beasts.

Musky Fly

Not bad for an IPhone - Musky in the trees

Hot Flies: Who knows!

Finally, Joey and I decided to hit the Tully this morning for a couple hours before work. If you ask Joey the fishing was Awesome... Me not so much. Joey ended up with about 6 to hand, all were beautiful hold-over fish. Some days its just not your day, and today was that day for me. Maybe tomorrow :)

Beautiful Tully Trout
Hot Flies: Prince Nymph, Zebra Midge


  1. Its almost time for the musky to spawn so they outta be gettin hot soon. I got 2 of my biggest in April last year. Its good to see some other guys chasing these things.

    Good luck.