Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Fall Smallmouth

After throwing on a hoddie and beanie, I made my way out to hook the boat up for another smallmouth float. I was happy to see the gauges reading over 400cfs at Berne and over 900cfs at Reading, this was going to be perfect for 8.8 mile full day float. Sipping on my coffee, I jump in the car, and have to stop, looking at the outside temp, 46! Well yup its fall, lets get with the "warm water" fishing while we still can.

 I have to say while the numbers haven't been super high with the colder nights, the average size of the bass have gotten bigger. Flipping rocks and gazing into the water, I have found a lot more crayfish, so naturally it wouldn't make sense not to fish them, sculpin, yup they are still around, and small shiners, they haven't gone anywhere. 

Pictures from a couple more floats:

Jerry with a nice bass right off the bat 
Mike with his first bass, and first (i think) fish on a fly rod

This little Schuylkill Crayfish was nice to let me photograph him

A revamped crayfish pattern, from Clouser's Crayfish 

Yet another Sculpin pattern from my bench

Hot Flies: Zuddler, Hellgrammite, New Sculpin, Crayfish, Fish Skull streamer

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