Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Schuykill River - Still Fishing Great

Thursday till Monday, were all good days on the river. Thursday and Friday we had high sky's and clear, low water, but regardless the fish were up eating poppers, and loving slow drifted hellgrammites. The featured fly hellgrammite has been working wonders, I cant tie enough. Saturday I took the day off, but Sunday and Monday I was back to it. I took Elizabeth out for her first fly fishing adventure slash lesson, the Packing Peanut Popper worked wonders on all kinds of fish. Yesterday I had a full day trip with Gavin, we had 2 boats, the fishing was good, slow at some points but steady all day. After lunch we pulled the 8wts out, about 6 cast later my clients screamed "Holy Hell thats a big fish" I screamed back "SET THE HOOK", it was too late. Oh well it was awesome to see it eat the big red fly. Then from down river on Gavin's boat, I hear the same conversation, No love, but hey that 2 more eats this year!

Enjoy some photos from the river.

Hot Flies: Zuddler Minnow, Hellgrammite, Packing Peanut Popper, Sculpin Patterns, Small Baitfish Pattern, FishSkull Streamer

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