Tuesday, April 29, 2014

West Branch Weekend with the Parenti's

One thing I love about my job, is sharing my obsession with others. This past weekend I had the privilege of sharing not one but two of mine, travel and rising trout.

After one smallmouth trip, countless fly tying lessons, and a few weeks of house sitting, Drew and Linda became more than just customers/clients. Sometime over the winter while eating chicken tacos, and talking about last years fishing trips, the West Branch came up. After a few months of planning and picking a weekend, we were finally on our way.

Drew and Linda make a trip to Montana each year, to see the best the west has to offer, so I felt the need to show them the best the east has to offer. High winds made the first day tough, but we made the best of it. Day two was a new adventure, no wind, but high sun, we were head hunting. Quill Gordons, and Blue Quills floated down the river like micro sailboats, as we watched the banks for rings and white mouths. It was a challenge, big fish mean smart fish, but we made it count.

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