Sunday, October 26, 2014

Fall Days on the Water

Yes, all the mayflies are done hatching, and the smallmouth have gone deep; but who says we have to call it quits on our favorite local water? Not us, fall means a lot for us, musky fishing is just starting to pick up, trout are eating midges, and steelhead are starting to run. We are still doing trout trips on the Tully, and the fishing is only getting better as the temps drop. With the water at an awesome 234 cfs, the fish are eating like crazy, even the freshly released fingerlings are munching down. Musky fishing, well its musky fishing, but with cool nights and warm days, we can only hope to put one in the boat very soon. But lets not forget whats rapidly approaching right now, steelhead, we are getting mixed reports from day to day, but the fact is they are coming in everyday. I can't wait till next weekend to get up there and try to find some hungry fish.

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