Friday, October 3, 2014

The Junieta - Low, Clear, and Beautiful

Its a little late for this post, but I have to put it up. Monday I hooked the boat up and headed out the the J to fish with Aaron and Austin, the water was low and clear, but we all needed a day on the water to relax. Fishing started off slow, I was fishing big streamers, trying for the monster, with very little action. Aaron fished a frog and had some smaller fish eat it, and when Austin wasn't rowing, he wasn't doing much(relaxing he called it). About half way through the day Austin decided to go, low and slow with two of my favorite bass patterns, and withing the first two casts, he had two fish. We all switched to low and slow, and immediately, regretted not doing it sooner. Sculpin, hellgrammites, crayfish, and frogs were the ticket.

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