Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Hooks for all you Predator Hunters

We got some new hooks by Partridge in this past week. The first one is the Sea Beast, it just sounds big and ridiculous, and it is. This hook comes in sizes 2/0 - 10/0, you would have to come check out the sizes in the shop, they are much bigger than your average sized hook. The second hook is a short shank heavy wire hook, the Attitude Extra. This hook is a much more reasonable hook, but still perfect for all your predator needs. The last of the three is not new, but is still a note worthy hook, the Predator X, we have limited sizes of this one, but it is still one of my favorite hooks out there.

Attitude Extra is an awesome Musky Hook
Sea Beast, is a great Musky Fly Hook
Musky Flies tied with Sea Beasts and Attitude Extras

Patagonia Themed Muksy Fly with Sea Beast Hooks

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