Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Tully Report - It's Getting Cold

Well, it might not officially be winter yet, but it's certainly starting to feel like it out there. The Tully is flowing at an awesome flow right now 188 cfs, this is perfect for throwing an indicator or slowly swinging a streamer in front of those hungry trout. I have been out there a good bit the past two weeks, and I can say that fishing small nymphs under and indicator has been the most productive. Small size 18 to 22 or even 24 midges of all colors have been working well. On clear sunny days the smaller stuff seems to work a bit better, and with cloudy or higher water the larger and bringer stuff is working just as good. Smaller pheasant tails, and hares ears have been by go to flies for getting the even smaller stuff down in the zone. On top of that, the fresh fingerlings have been very active, eating just about anything that comes their way. I have even seen little pods of them rising to small midges on her surface. So look for some sun and get out there, the mornings have been slow until the water warms up a bit, but mid day into the evening have been awesome!!!

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