Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Featured Fly - SYE Sow Bug

So here it is everyone, the fly that has made me so successful on the spring creeks down south. It is a very simple yet effective fly, and looks very close to the real thing. This sow bug, can be tied in just about any color you want, my favorite colors are, sow bug, tan rainbow, and rainbow. To go with this featured fly, I might as well give the the report from the last trip down on Sunday. Joey and I meet up and fished pretty much until we couldn't see. We had fish rising to Blue Wings, and every now and then one would eat a black stonefly. Sow bugs and little tiny olive pheasant tails where the only two bugs I had success on. It was warm and foggy most of the day, and the water temps stayed at a level 52 degrees.

Hook: TMC C200 BL 14-16
Thread: UNI Thread 8/0 - Grey 
Under Body: Lead Wire .020
Dubbing: Sow Scud Dub - Tan Rainbow 
Shell Back: UV Curing Glue -  Loon Thick 

Step 1: This is important, make a very tight and solid thread base. It will help with keeping the lead from sliding around.

 Step 2: Tie in the lead along the side of the hook shank. Do this on both sides, making a thin and wide profile. Use a small drop on UV glue to secure once both sides are tide on.

Step 3: Pick your dudding color.

Step 4: You will need 3 times as much dubbing as you would think you do. 

Step 5: Tightly wrap the body, getting as much dubbing on the hook as possible. This will make combing trimming much easier.

Step 6: Whip finish and cut off thread.

Step 7: Brush and pick out all the dubbing.

Step 8: Once you brush all the budding to the sides, add a coat or two of UV curing glue to form a nice smooth shell back.

Step 9: Trim the sides, I like to keep them a little wider, this give the fly a little more movement. 

Finished Fly:

Joeys Sow Bug eating Rainbow
A chunky wild rainbow that loves Sow Bugs

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