Saturday, February 14, 2015

Winter Flies - Micro

Tomorrows' high is 13 and the low is -4, why not talk about some flies for the winter. During the winter months my fly selections become very simple. I fish small and smaller flies, with size 18 being a large. Most of the time I fish some form of midge larva, but sometimes the trout just want something else.

BLM Nymph, this is a quick and easy fly to tie, change the color of the body, it can be just about anything you want it to be.

SYE Sow Bug, a must have for anyone fishing spring creeks or tailwaters in the winter!

Barr Emerger, one fly that most locals love to fish on the Tully. A great little addition to the box.

Caddis Larva, they come in all different colors and sizes, the smaller the better in the winter months. 

Olive Thread Body, perfect fly to drop under a San Juan worm. Or to use when Olives are coming off. 

Micro Juan, tied by Mooser, this little guy kills it in the winter. Just ask him about it and watch how excited he gets talking about it.

Micro Pheasant Tail, size 18 down to a 22 fish these guys any day of the week.

Hot Collar Jig, a nice fly to drag along the bottom for those picky fish that don't want to move.

 Micro Copper John, also tied by Mooser, a great all around nymph for the winter.

Copper Stone, a great meal for trout on any stream with little winter stones.

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