Friday, March 6, 2015

Barbless Hooks - Nymph

I have decided that this year everything is barbless. I am not saying its because I no longer believe in barbs, but these hooks just look mean, and really stick. Not having a barb really allows the hook to penetrate the fish's mouth with little resistance when taking it out. They are also all black or black nickel finishes and I think that makes a huge difference in clear water.  They are not new to the industry or to the shop, however more and more companies are producing their own variations. The top three companies that I really like are Orvis, Umpqua, and Partridge. Orvis makes one of my favorite hooks the Tactical Wide Gape, it is a 3x short hook with a very aggressive point, and really digs in when you set the hook. Umpqua makes an awesome variety of hooks, from jig style hooks to big Czech style hooks. All Umpqua hooks are quality. The other company is Partridge, they make some very nice hooks and the smallest out of them all, you can now get a sz 18 or 20 Czech nymph hook and a sz 18 jig hook. Orvis also makes a beautiful curved shank hook that goes down to a true 16, and that is my favorite for all my caddis pupa and larva flies.

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  1. Patterns are looking Jake! Hope all is well. Let me know when we can get out to slay some smallies on the Schuylkill!