Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Central PA Smallmouth Bass

Andy and I had decided we would float for two days this past weekend. One day would be on a smaller trib to the Juniata River, the other the Juniata River itself. It was a great day on the trib, but with over an inch of rain Sunday night, our dreams of crushing some large smallies on Monday had been shattered. Never the less we stopped and grabbed some small town cooking for breakfast, put the boat in and chucked streamers most of the day. The water continued to rise and get muddier as the day went on. No hook ups except for a large carp that I stuck in the dorsal fin. The smallies were very aggressive on Sunday so that made up for the lack of fish on Monday. We started off prospecting with crayfish and hellgrammite flies, but quickly changed to an all white Roamer fly pattern. We hit the banks and stripped back, the smallies were blowing up right off the banks, super awesome. Thanks Andy for showing me around, yet again :)

The Roamer Fly Pattern - Mini Style 

The Roamers perfectly placed in this smallies face!

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