Friday, April 3, 2015

Fish Tats and More

Throughout my years in this industry I have meet a lot of awesome people, and some have become very good friends. One of these friends happens to be a tattoo artist in New Jersey, who loves to fish. So naturally he draws some of the sickest fish I have every seen. Eric Hornung is an extremely talented dude, all his fish have a distinctive angry look to them, just check out some of his work below. I met him through social media, and asked him to design a couple logos for me, when I got the rough drafts I was blow away. He did a steelhead and a Brown trout about a year ago, the steelhead you can now find displayed on my vise base. At somerset this year, he said he would draw a smallmouth bass on a fly box for me. Well I am writing this whole post about him because he blew my expectations out of the water. If you are a fisherman looking to get a new Tat, or just an art junkie looking for some awesome fish artwork. Give Eric a call, and he will hook you up. Tattooed Angler or Check out his Facebook Page.


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