Friday, June 26, 2015

Featured Fly - Soft Wing Caddis Pupa

This may be the last trout fly tutorial of the season. I will be focusing on Smallmouth, Carp, and Musky for the next several months. The Soft Wing Caddis Pupa was a key to much of my success this season. It worked well under an indicator followed by a caddis larva, or under a CDC Caddis higher in the water column. 

Hook: Orvis Tactical Hook sz. 14-16
Thread: Veevas 14/0 - Tan
Bead: Nymph Head Evolution - sized to match hook
Rib: Pearl Tinsel - Opal
Body: TCO East Coast Dubbing - Caddis Green 
Back: Peacock Hearl - Natural
Wing: Partridge Feathers - Black
Thorax: Pine Squirrel Dubbing - Natural 
Antena: Lemon Barred Wood Duck - Natural 

Step 1:
 Make a small thread base behind the bead.

Step 2: Tie in three strands of Peacock Hearl, and Opal Tinsel. 

Step 3: Continue your thread base while tying in the materials.

Step 4: Dub the body, leaving a small gap between the bead and dubbing.

Step 5: Pull the 3 hearls forward and tie off.

Step 6: Rib the body with the tinsel.

Step 7: Take a black partridge feather and cut the tip off forming a "V".

Step 8: Lay the partridge over the top, making a black wing on each side.

Step 9: Tie in 3 wood duck fibers making an antenna. 

Step 10: Dub the thorax, make sure it is super buggy.

Step 11: Whip Finish and Cut Off - Final Product:

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