Sunday, June 14, 2015

Smallmouth Sticks

Orvis Helios II 906-4:
The Helios II has been my main stick for the last two years, it is light, powerful, and cool looking. This rod in a 6wt is perfect for the small to mid sized bass rivers in the south east, it is also a great carp rod.  Fishing this rod with an intermediate line is a joy.

Orvis Clearwater 907-4:
This is one of the shops most popular selling rods. Either becuase is is under $250.00, or just because it performs well in all warm water situations. It is a great rod if you are just getting into the bass game and don't want to spend a lot of money just yet. Bang for the Buck this rod is it!

Scott Radian 907-4: 
This is a shop favorite rod. A couple of the guys at the shop have these rods as their primary bass rods. They are very powerful. With a slower tip, this helps load the rod  in close. The powerful backbone of this rod make it easier to toss those bigger bass bugs at long distances. The Radian is a great rod for throwing top water frogs or even lightly presenting small flies to skitish tailing carp.

Scott Tidal 906-4
The Tidal was designed for saltwater, but it performes well in the freshwater as well. I do not have a lot of experince with this rod, however it is also a shop favorite. The 6wt comes with a full wells grip and fighting but, so its perfect for throwing streamers to bass. Being that it was designed for the salt, this rod is very powerful and packs a nice punch.

Sage One 691-4: 
This is a great all around streamer rod, not only for bass, but it also works well for trout. Built with 

Konnetic Technology®, meaning the graphite is wraped closer together. It is very accurate in close and at distance. Even though this is a 6wt, this rod performes well on all types of water.

Winston 966-4:
Before the H2 this was my main smallmouth rod. The extra six inches really helped when wade fishing, it kept the rod that much higher off the water. The 966-4 is also the only 6wt winston makes with a full wells and fighting butt. I would say that was my number one reason for adding this one to the quiver. A great small to medium river bass rod, that can cast a sinking line with ease.

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