Monday, August 31, 2015

Smallmouth Food - Hellgrammites

Hellgrammites, a nasty bug that smallmouth love. These little guys can draw blood if you get too close, but for some reason smallmouth love them. They are in most warm water rivers, and some cold water creeks. Trout even like them, a high protein diet.

A fly tied by a State College regular and amazing bass fisherman Ron. This fly has taken more smallmouth bass and anyone could count.
Pat Cohen designed the bodies that can be purchased online or at any tco location. This is a dynamite hellgrammite fly patter.
Crittermite Tails are amazing. This little bass fly has been a go to fly since last season for me.
Made with Cohen's hellgrammite bodies, this realistic hellgrammite pattern in deadly under an indicator.
My most rcent experiment. I can not take full credit, I found a fly on instagram that had the same concept, and I combined theirs with my crittermite pattern. A great fly for fast water.

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