Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Smallmouth Food - Sculpin

One of the most common forms of fish food that swims. These are some of my favorites for smallmouth bass.

The Over Easy Sculpin is my favorite sculpin pattern. It looks like it will just swim out of your hand.
The Roaming Sculpin, is a quick tie that I came up with a while ago. It is a bottom crawling bass fly that drops fast and stays on the bottom.
The Tube Sculpin is a fly that can cross over from steelhead to smallmouth.
A smaller sculpin tied by Eric Snyder. It works great when the water is low and clear.
Mike Schultz's S3 Sculpin has become a staple in the bass wold. A great fly for any time, and any water conditions.
The Mohawk Sculpin, a design by the boys at Fly Fish Food, but this one was tied by Dean Myers. A great fly with a lot of movement and a great profile.
Not to sure the name of this one, but its a great sculpin, and holds its profile well in the water.
The Combo, its the Mohawk and the Over Easy.

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