Friday, November 13, 2015

Featured Fly - Double Squirrel Jig

This pattern is almost identical to the last fly I put up the only difference, its tied on a jig hook. I have had great success with the little double squirrel, so I decided to make it an anchor fly as well. We are getting into the winter months so getting as low as you can and staying in front of the fish longer, will make you more successful. Have fun.

Hook: Orvis Tactical Jig - 10-14
Thread: Ultra Thread - Fl Orange 170
Bead: Tungsten Slotted Bead - Black - Match 
Tail: CDL Dark - 12-15 fibers 
Rib: Mirage Tinsel - Med - Opal 
Body: SLF Squirrel - Nat. Fox 
Thorax: SLF Squirrel - Dark Brown
Collar: Ultra Thread - Fl Orange 170

Step 1: Make your thread base while tying in the ribbing.
Step 2: Tie in your CDL Fibers. 
Step 3: Make a small Hot Spot out of your thread.
Step 4: Start your dubbing body right in-front of your hot spot. 
Step 5: Making tight wraps, dub the body.Tight wraps will help push the guard hairs out. 
Step 6: Taking the ribbing under the tail and back over the top, make your rib.
Step 7: Dub the thorax. 
Step 8: Make your Hot Collar and whip finish. 
Step 9: Final Step, take a dubbing brush to it, making it as buggy as you would like. 
Finished: Double Squirrel Nymph tied on Orvis Tactical Jig Hook
Finished Fly Pattern

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