Monday, November 16, 2015

Macro Flies

My lovely wife gave me a macro lens for my camera as a wedding present. I have been messing with it for a while now and can finally take a decent picture with it. I am no professional photographer here, but I do love taking pictures. Once we got back from Belize I made a goal to fill all my nymph boxes before I would go fishing. Well the before fishing part didn't work out, but I have completed filling in the gaps of all four boxes. The caddis box, midge box, sow bug box, and general nymph box, are all full. Here are few shots of some of my favorite patterns for most nymphing situations. 

Small Prospecting Nymph.
An Army of Prospecting Nymphs.
Orange Collared Pheasant Tail Nymph.
Pheasant Tail with a Hot shot. 
Psycho Prince Nymph and Pheasant Tail.
Artsy Black and White of a Squirrel Nymph and Pheasant Tail.
Two of my favorite Jig style flies.
Midge, Midge, Midge 
Variety of Midge Fly Patterns. 
Peaking Caddis Jig a 2015 Orvis Tactical Fly.
Simple Caddis Larva.
An army of Cress Bugs.
The Pink Sow Bug Fly.
Natural, Rainbow, and Pink my three favorite colors. 
The natural sow bug or cress bug is a great fly for all winter time fishing.

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