Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Video - DP Midge

Last year I tried to put up 7 post a month, in doing so some of the post were just filler and weren't the quality that I would have liked. This year I am going to try for at least 3 a month and make them  of higher quality. Im sure during the season I will do more with fishing reports, and stream photos. My goal is to give you a Gear Review, Fishing Photos, and a Video each month. I will do my best. Last post was Fishing Photos, and the Gear Review, now the video.

This is a fly that a good friend of mine showed me a long time ago, and it has been my number one midge fly for the past couple years. I did a featured fly on it a while back, and decided that this would be a great on to add to the "silent" film collection. Enjoy 

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  1. nice quick, easy and bulletproof pattern. as always, thanks for sharing!