Saturday, May 7, 2016

Stripers (Rock Fish) on the Bay

I received a call from my buddy Mike a couple weeks back, he wanted to go striper fishing last minute. He has a buddy that guides on the Susquehanna flats and he had a last minute cancelation, so he wanted us to come down. That morning they put a solid 40 fish in the boat, all on flies so we were pretty pumped to get out. Unfortunately, it was a flood tide and the water was moving very slow, so we had to work to find some fish. Jeff kept us thinking the next cast was going to be a fish, and we eventually found some willing fish. About a half hour before dark I got crushed by a 40" plus fish and fought it right to the boat, Mike went to lip it and it took one last run under the boat and popped off. We all just about cried, but we went back at it looking for another one. If you ever need a recommendation for a guide on the flats I would Highly recommend giving Jeff Lewatowski a call.

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